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Looking for a fun and rewarding way to support a burgeoning blog? Look no further! We’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of our exciting launch by simply dropping a comment on this post and sharing our posts to your friends on facebook. You’ll receive a generous 1 U$D bonus! by acepting the following challenge:

  1. Hurry up and write one of the first 10 comments of this post.
  2. Download a dogecoin wallet in your phone. We suggest Coinomi wallet. To know how to install coinomi watch this video tutorial:
  3. After you verified you´re one of the first 10 comments, share in your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) a post with a link to one of posts listed below
  4. Send us a proof (screenshots of the post you did in your social media) to with your dogecoin wallet address. The email from where you´re sending the screenshot proofs must be the same as the one you used to write the comment on this post.
  5. Receive your 1 U$D in your dogecoins wallet and enjoy or
  6. Convert your dogecoins to U$D cash via AirTM (or any other exchanger of your preference) and enjoy
  7. Not enough? No problem. If you add to your email any other creative proof better than the other nine winners, You’ll receive an extra 10 U$D in your dogecoin wallet (Valid until 24/06/2024 so HURRY UP!)

Choose one of the following posts to publish in your social medias:

So, why are you waiting? Hurry up and be one of the first 10 winners of the reward NOW!

1 thought on “Earn money with promo now!”

  1. Awesome! Please keep this challenge for more time. I have just sent you my proofs to that email. Send me the prize at dogecoin address: DCDgSwDdhCQQc2UZvbVrZPtXh9GHWcw4Hr

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